A Film Showing LZ Willy on 18 July 1967

1st Field Forces Vietnam Provides Fire Support, Binh Dinh, Vietnam, 07/18/1967 (full),

by Sgt. Breedlove (Cinematographer)

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Shown in this film is the First Platoon, "C" Battery, Fourth Battalion, 60th Artillery, who at the time provided fire support for "D" Company, 1/7 Cav., of the First Air Cavalry Division, during Operation Pershing in the An Lão Valley.

National Archives description: "The 1st Plat, C. Bty, 4th Bn, 60th Arty, IFFV, provided fire support for D Co., 1st Bn, 7th Cav, of the 1st Cav Div during Opn Pershing in the An Lao Valley. (D Co doesn't appear in coverage.) -- LS, jeep, the M-42 twin-40 mm SP gun with crew atop pass thru valley. A jeep raising dust followed by a slightly larger vehicle. M-42 and other vehicles stand other alongside road. Women have come out to look. The men on the M-42 look at the women. M-42 moves up hill to position on LZ Willie. Plat ldr and lieut check map. LS, M-42 fires rapidly L/R into the valley. Cut-ins, two crewmen feed rounds into the M-42. CU, rounds dropping into the breech. Crew at the M-42; boxes of ammo carried in. M-55 multiple cal .50 MGs in fixed position firing into the valley. Quad-50 firing rapidly. Two crewmen handle ammo belts. LA, barrels of Quad-50 firing R/L. CU, section chief talks on radio. RV (Portion) Quad-50 firing. Pile of spent shells. Tracer shells streaking the night sky. Silhouette, M-42 with crew atop during fire mission. (very good) More on tracers. Silhouette, barrels of twin-40's firing. Flashes of night firing by Quad-50. (Very effective) Daylight. M-42 moves into sandbagged position (LZ Willie). SP checks track, looks at oil stick. CU, SP's face. View over valley. Sun is reflected in the river. At the Quad-50 emplacement. Crewmwn load ammo in magazines. CUs, face; hands putting in ammo, locking, pulling bolt. A crewman does maint. Other crewmen. CU, hands probing during repair. Good camera."

(National Archives, Record Group 111: Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860 - 1985 Series: Motion Picture Films from the Army Library Copy Collection, 1964 - 1980, National Archives Identifier: 31746. Local Identifier: 111-LC-52470).

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  • 07/18/1967
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1964 - 1980
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