Camp Evans and LZ Sharon

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©Tim Vo, Patterns of Nature.
A street in Quảng Trị City, taken on a tour from Hue to Quảng Trị, 2005.
          228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion
1st Cavalry Division, Ric Wilken Photo Collection
C / 228th at Camp Evans (and Red Beach)
         B / 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion
Bill McClain Collection
A Crane chopper is carrying a Chinook to Đà Nẵng, LZ Sharon is in the background.
         Welcome to Vietnam,
Quang Tri ancient Citadel, then and now

The citadel was a military bastion of the of Nguyen Dynasty in Quang Tri from 1809 to 1945.
         Frank Vanatta, Flying Circus Aviation Unit, HQ & HQs Company, 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)
An aerial view of LZ Betty.
         Lt. Harvey Schultz, Armed Forces Pest Management Board
A view of LZ Jane, YD 377428.
         Kevan Mynderup, Jumping Mustangs, C 1/8 Photos.
A view of LZ Anne, 1968.