Bồng Sơn, An Lâo, and Tam Quan

Picture Credits                  
Richard Dieterle.
Richard Dieterle standing atop a bunker on the perimeter of LZ Sandra
          Jerry Prater.
A photo of LZ Geronimo taken July 2, 1967.
          Tam Quan Travel Guide.
A recent photo of Tam Quan.
          Lt. Jerome Church.
Ed House at the Battle of Dai Dong.

Picture Credits                  
Ned Costa, Casper Aviation Platoon, HQ and HQ Company, 173rd Airborne Brigade. Shows the main street of Bồng Sơn in 1969.           Jerry Prater
A 1/8 Cav. waiting on the Helipad at LZ English.

          Richard Dieterle.
Heath and Giddings on a bunker, LZ Two Bits, June, 1967.
          Thanks to Fred Fish,
B Co., 2/8 Cav.
Artillery on LZ Mustang, 1967.